How Non-Invasive Lasers Can Yield Liposuction-Like Results


For those who want to get rid of stubborn fat around the belly, arms, legs, or other body areas, liposuction may be considered. During this surgery, fat is removed from the body using a suctioning technique. Sounds great, right? Well, while this procedure is effective and gives clients great results, it is a major surgery and there is always a risk of complications and scarring. 

A popular alternative to surgical liposuction with similar results is lipolaser, a painless treatment that involves strapping pads equipped with laser diodes onto the body and allowing the lasers to work their magic. How exactly does this help you lose weight, though? This minimally invasive procedure reduces body fat significantly through the work of these lasers safely penetrating the skin and melting away fat. When the laser beam reaches a fat cell, it begins to gently heat it up until its contents are softened and can be filtered out naturally. Some of these stored compounds that are released into the interstitial fluid include glycerol, fatty acids, and water. Your body then, through lymphatic drainage, flushes out these contents, and your fat cells remain shrunk. 

One of the biggest benefits of lipolaser is how little effort the treatment requires. Clients simply get strapped with diode pads and lay down for about 20 minutes while the lasers do all the work for you. As a treatment provider, this allows you to save time and physical effort that is usually required during body sculpting treatments. Results are visible sometimes after just one session, and multiple maintenance sessions over weeks can completely transform your body.

This treatment is not only great for shedding fat- it also has many other benefits. Laser lipo has been proven to reduce stretch marks and cellulite, get rid of muffin tops or double chins, help you lose inches around your body, and assist in spot reduction. And the best part is that almost anybody is a candidate for this treatment, including those who have lost weight and have excess skin they want to tighten.

All in all, laser lipo is a great option for anyone looking to reduce body circumference and get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat. And it’s completely non-invasive, painless, and safe. So, before you get ready to shell out thousands of dollars to go under the knife, consider lipolaser: a less expensive and easier alternative to slimming your body!