The Art of Cupping Therapy



     Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine, that originated in China. The treatment consists of a therapist placing special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get this done for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.  Proponents claimed the suction helps facilitate the flow of “qi” in the body. Qi is a Chinese word meaning life force. A famous Taoist alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong, reportedly first practiced cupping. He lived from A.D. 281 to 341. Many Taoists believe that cupping helps balance yin and yang, or the negative and positive, within the body. Restoring balance between these two extremes is thought to help with the body’s resistance to pathogens as well as its ability to increase blood flow and reduce pain.

     With the help of modern technology, cupping therapy has been advanced to be an easier process and is now more inclusive, making it possible to treat other parts of the body.  Vacuum Cupping is now performed with a system that creates suction in the cups through tubes and either glass or acrylic cups. A licensed professional can apply them, move them, massage with them, and adjust the suction setting as needed, unlike the traditional method where the cups were applied with fire and stayed in one position and suction level. Vacuum Cupping technology now comes with multiple sized cups, for treatment of the face, arms, abdomen, and legs. Another cool treatment option available with Vacuum Therapy is the BBL treatment. Yes, you read that right. You can use the vacuum and cups to enhance the size of the buttocks non-invasively and painlessly. This is a popular alternative treatment to having surgery done. 

     A few treatments that can be provided with Vacuum Cupping are:

  • Muscle Relaxation
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Buttocks Enhancement 
  • Body Contouring 
  • Detoxification 
  • Stress & Anxiety Relief 

     Vacuum Cupping is a great addition to any aesthetic or medical spa. Glownar Aesthetics carries a few Vacuum Cupping Systems with different modalities to fit your individual needs. 



Curv Vacuum and Cupping Therapy

Curv comes with 7 pairs of vacuum cups in different shapes and sizes, 5 pairs of plastic cups in different sizes, and 3 massage rollers in different sizes. This system focuses solely on Vacuum Cupping Therapy. 

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Fit Moderna EMS and Vacuum Cupping Therapy

Fit Moderna comes with all the same cups and rollers as Curv, but includes EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)! 

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