How to Launch & Run a Successful Spa

estheticianOnce you have become a licensed esthetician or completed a similar certification, a huge step is deciding to open your own business. Taking this leap has risks, but if done correctly, can change your career and life for the better. Here, we will discuss some ways to make your beauty business as successful as possible:


1_wADJab3hp5ZIbrPK4_pywAChoose the Right Equipment


Conduct research and decide what types of treatments you would like to provide, according to your specialized certifications. If you are starting off fresh with no equipment, it is advisable to invest in multi-functional machines. These machines feature several different treatments all in one system, which will save you money and time. Whether you are focusing on facials, body treatments, or both, high quality multi-functional equipment is sure to help you begin offering a good foundation of treatments and bring in clients. Make sure your equipment is from a trusted seller; it is often tempting to save money on cheaper equipment from sites like eBay or international marketplaces, but keep in mind you are also sacrificing quality and customer support. If you have trouble with faulty equipment down the line, individual sellers will often not do anything to help you with your problem, leaving you stuck with a broken machine, no clue how to fix it, and lost money. To avoid this, find a company with great reviews. Make sure they will train you on how to use your equipment and that they will answer any questions you may have, even months and years after you buy.

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Social media presence is more important than ever in our current age. Businesses of all kinds are investing huge chunks of marketing dollars and efforts into social media because connecting with clients over apps like Facebook and Instagram are incredibly effective. Create a logo or find someone to design one for you; this is often used as a profile picture for your pages. Begin by making Instagram and Facebook pages that are linked together, so every time you post your content will automatically upload to both channels. You can also post different content as you see fit on various different platforms to cater to your unique audiences. Facebook is great because it has an enormous following and is equipped with advertising and targeting tools that learn about your audience to most effectively promote your business. Instagram, on the other hand, is a very visual based app, which makes it that much more perfect for promoting a beauty business. Convert your accounts to business profiles and begin posting! Try to plan posts ahead of time so you are never behind; even a post that is 24 hours old is old. Learn who your audience is and post content relevant to them, based on age, demographics, and interests. Post up to three times a day and don’t forget to use hashtags! These will help new followers find you and build your page, therefore increasing potential clientele.  

Glownar Aesthetics has a skin-driven team of estheticians eager to help you select the perfect system for your practice, and an educated marketing team equipped with the most eye-catching content and relevant social-media algorithm information they would be more than happy to share with you!