The Top Reasons You Need to Exfoliate


You Will Look and Feel Younger

Our skin is a window into our youth; dry, damaged skin is a common hallmark of aging, but it doesn’t have to be if you regularly exfoliate. Routinely exfoliating assists with collagen production, which enhances skin texture, strength, and elasticity. As we age, this natural support for our skin degrades, so it is important to preserve and enhance collagen as much as possible. Exfoliating can fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, in addition to firming and plumping the skin for an all-natural young look. In addition to enhancing collagen production, regular deep cleansing can boost the radiance and glow of your skin via cell turnover. This process, which is the routine shedding of dead skin cells and birth of new, fresh cells, can be expedited by exfoliation, so your skin can be as smooth, nourished, and youthful as possible.


Your Skin Will be the Healthiest It Could Be

In an age of rampant airborne and digital pollution, including smoke, UV rays, blue light, and more, keeping our skin clean is more important than it’s ever been. These sources of pollution emit free radicals, which are unstable atoms that can damage cells with illness and expedited aging. Over time, these atoms break down the skin’s natural protective barrier and then move on to damaging the lipids and collagen that keeps our skin plump and moisturized. Once these molecules start breaking down, you’ll have yourself an array of problems: dullness, inflammation, premature aging, and more. While it’s not entirely possible to never look at a computer screen or avoid leaving your apartment in an industrialized city, there is one way to prevent and even help reverse this damage: exfoliation. Cleansing and exfoliating your skin regularly will eliminate dirt, pollution, and other irritating contaminants to give you refreshingly clean skin. Who doesn’t want a polished, revitalized face?


It Unclogs Pores and Keeps Skin Acne-Free

Clogged pores trap oil under the skin, which often triggers acne breakouts. The best way to stay ahead of pesky pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads, is to scrub your skin clean of impurities several times a week. Dead skin cells also build up and clog pores, making your pores appear large and dirty. Sweeping away dead skin and other surface debris prevents these substances from clogging pores and forming blemishes. If dry, deceased skin cells are blocking your pores, the oils you naturally produce will have nowhere to go-- they will simply build up until you breakout! Exfoliating keeps your pores and your complexion clean, smooth, and clear.


Your Skin Care Products Will Work Better

If you are investing in expensive, top-rated serums, moisturizers, makeup, and other skin care products, wouldn’t you want your products to penetrate your skin and support it from the inside out rather than just sitting uselessly at the surface? If your skin is overcrowded with dead skin cells, your products will do just that- and that’s where exfoliation steps in! By clearing away these pore-clogging cells that only serve to make your skin look dull and flaky, your products will be able to penetrate deeper and more effectively. Removing this barrier essentially improves how smooth your foundation will appear, how thoroughly your skin will be moisturized, and how incredible your glow will be!